"Give me a heart that listens..."  Solomon's request of God. (1 Kings 3) 

EXCERPT FROM THE CALENDAR'S INTRODUCTION: Carl Jung wrote, “Bidden or not, God is present.” This familiar quote reminds us that the in-dwelling Presence of the Divine - the Heart within our heart - is present within each of us. However, it does require a conscious choice on our part to embrace that Presence. Expressions of patience, love, understanding and forgiveness are evidence of this Heart of Love that beats within us. Why then are we sometimes impatient, selfish or even unkind? Do we intentionally choose negative behaviors? Or could it be that we’re simply not attuned to God’s whispers within us?  What if we practiced slowing down and “living in the moments” with eyes wide open to the beauty around us whether in another human being, in a blue sky, a bird, or a painting on the wall? 

The Latin word for “listen” is “Obedenc” — “to give ear to...”  So indeed, we must listen in many ways; but we also have choices: to obey or not to obey? Throughout 2018 each month and day will serve as reminders to us to keep attuned to God’s Presence by paying attention and listening to our Heart Whispers.

Wall Calendars are 11 x 11 in. and open to 11 x 22 in for hanging. 

Search "2018 Planner" for ordering the Planner version and also "Value Sets" that include both the Wall Calendar & Planner.  

Prison Ministry Partners

Compassion and generous participation are making a difference in many lives. We invite you to consider joining us and suggest one way is to simply add a few dollars to your order. In addition to financial gifts which help to offset the printing and shipping costs, we ask you to include the inmates (and their families) in your prayers. We especially want them to know that we do care about them. If you feel moved to become a partner in this project use the “Prison Ministry” tab on the Homepage of our website. 100% of your donations are applied to the actual costs of printing and shipping the calendars. We work directly with prison chaplains who must authorize all distributions and ensure that the Calendars are actually being used within their institutions.

22,450 prison inmates in 41 institutions will be receiving this 2018 edition! THANK YOU!  We quite literally could not do this without YOU.

Special thanks to the artists whose work illustrates this year of "Listening"... Frances Dutil, CSJ; Nancy Earle, SMIC; Karel K. Hendee; Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ; Joyce Huntington; Cindy McKenna; Mary Southard, Susan C. Thompson; Pat Willems, CSJ.

P.S.  You might also enjoy the Calendar Quote note cards that feature the monthly art and quotes.  They're lovely for remembering special occasions and situations with thoughtful words. 



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