ALL SHALL BE WELL - a Spiritual Journal for Hope and Encouragment 

Our staff loved this book and asked to share it with you. It is a creative Journal that invites your active participation. Hand-lettered words of wisdom are paired with joyful paintings and exercises to create an interactive experience. The "art" segments engage your mind in a different way from writing and helps to make the journal more "yours." 

The text includes 60 inspiring quotes along with uplifting, colorful art and writing prompts; the authors encourage personal reflection as well. 
This is a thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend. We recommend keeping your color pencils or pens with the book. 

Author, Hilda St. Clair is an artist, writer and a member of a monastic community on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Softcover; 128 pgs. 5.5 x 7.5 in. BC-278 $ 15.99

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