Collection of 12 cards tucked inside an organza bag and finished with a  gift tag and a leaf sprig. Ideal Hostess gift...ready-to-go!
This collection of 12 botanical notes from artist Carol Cummins is a ready-to-go gift, tucked inside a reusable organza bag; finished with a gift tag and leaf sprig.

Carol's life-like botanicals capture the intricate detail of each plant's characteristics. Her artist's reflection, anecdotes and interesting plant detail on the back panels create a memorable and practical gift.

Artist Statement: The sense of wonder at the beauty and detail that can be found in nature, allures me to be in contemplative painting and communion with creation. Painting for me is a prayer of gratitude for the beauty of Earth’s creativity, diversity, and variety. C.C.

EX. CHICORY REFLECTION: In the summer months we are allured by the soft azure blue color of these flowers along the roadside, often in the backdrop of Queen Anne’s Lace. The plant is a perennial herb, and the roasted root is used as an additive in coffee. Each flower blooms early in the day, and is completely gone by late afternoon. One spin of Earth and brand new flowers appear! There is a Power of the Universe called Homeostasis that holds what is valuable, by maintaining achievements. C.C.

12 cards (2 each of 6 designs) 5" x 4.5" Blank inside. View a few of the 6 individual designs above.  See also Impressions Pod-Notes!

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