I was in prison and you came to visit me. — Matthew 25:36

Thank you considering a donation to our Calendar Prison Ministry.

Modest annual donations help to defray the printing and shipping costs of sending our inspirational calendar to prison imates. We have been producing an annual Calendar since the early 90s.  It is a collaborative project with several artists and a writing team.  Each month there is an inpiring "quote of the month" with original artwork to illustrate the theme. Each "day cell" features a thought, prayer, challenge or quote as well along with any holidays or special rememberances for the day.  We began donating Calendars to prisons back in 2011 when we had some extra calendars.   When we received the very moving thank you notes - it occurred to us that the Calendar had its own ministry and should be an integral part of Ministry of the Arts. 

And so it has begun. The 2017 Edition is now in the cells of 22,187 prison inmates. - including both women and men.  Chaplains and inmates often write to share how the Calendar is making a difference in their lives.  (See thank you excerpts below.)  It is our prayer, dream and hope that we can expand the distribution to even more prisons.  Currently we are a presence in 35 institutions.

If you feel inspired to join us, we invite you to donate an amount that is comfortable (the Option window has different levels) and become a Prison MInistry "Partner."  In this way you are fulfilling the scripture above -- "visiting" the prison via the Calendar. We ask also that you please include the calendar recipient in your prayers. (many of us prayer for the inmate, their guards, their chaplains, their families and also the victims of crime and their families.  We also pray for all who advocate for prison justice and inmates who are innocent and/or unfairly punished.  We want to tell these inmates that not only did you contribute financially to make their Calendar possible, but that you are also keeping them in prayer. While we will not be sharing the names of inmates or donors, both will be aware of the gift and the prayers.

Thank you!  YOU can make a difference in someone's life.

Our theme for 2018:  Heart Whispers:"Give me a heart that listens..."  Solomon's request of God. (1 Kings 3) 

Letter excerpts:

Its words of inspiration help me through difficult days… know that inspiring words can change individuals because I am one of them…(David)

Your loving gift of our beautiful calendars reminds us each day to celebrate life, no matter where we find ourselves. (The Women of FCl & FPC Prison) 

For some reason the calendar keeps coming to my mind...I really appreciate it in this SO lonely place where one’s eyes open and learn how to value even the smallest things and take NOTHING for granted. keep me in your prayers ... (Edwin) 

Your calendar donations have been a Godsend... they are received as a precious gift (you don’t get gifts in prison)... they handle them reverently and are deeply grateful for the beauty that has been freely given to them.  (Chaplains at York Prison) 

I learned of your sending inspirational calendars to people in prison - good for you and good for them.  Please add the names of two good hope-filled men who can use some light in their lives. Enclosed is a modest donation for your good works.  God bless us all.  (Chicago Policeman, retired) 

You’ve shown us love when a lot of us would’ve given up. You’ve been a true blessing. Thanks for the hope.  (J.C.) 




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