There was a voice from heaven which said,
You are my Beloved, in whom I am well pleased.
Luke 3:22

COVER:  The Spirit of Holiness Descended as a Dove


Inside right greeting: “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are yours forever.

May they deepen within, guide you and be a source of strength
through the many stages of life. Prayers and Best Wishes on this joyful day .

Inside lower left: full text from Luke 3:22 ...there was a voice from Heaven, which said, “You are My Beloved, in whom I am

Inside left: Gifts of the Spirit: The Spirit of Wisdom – Understanding - Right Judgment - Courage - Knowledge – Reverence – Holy Awe in God's Presence.

Art: La Grange Chapel window, “Spirit” designed by George Ellen Holmgren, CSJ

Pkg of 8 Cards $12.95, Single Card $1.95, Pkg of 12 Prayer Cards $4.95.

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