May you always have the COURAGE to say what needs to be said.  Joyce De Shano, CSJ

These 5in. x 5 in. square blocks can stand alone on a shelf or can hang from the "cut-out" keyhole on the back.  Creating a collage of  4 or 5 designs would create an engaging (and thoughtful) wall area also.   Special thanks to Dolly Karasek on our staff who created this category. She also trained others “how to!” These are indeed MADE IN THE USA!   Carpenter, Mike cuts the lumber yard wood to size and sands it smooth;  we paint the solid wood blocks with a black-satin finish which also creates the mat-like  border.  St. Joseph Press prints the art and we adhere it to the wood with a protective finish. Voila!.... your hand-made gift!

Each piece will vary lightly in texture due to the hand-made brushing process.  Due to the  hand-made nature of each piece, orders for more than 5 pieces of any one design will need to be custom-made and are classified as a "special order." (Please allow an extra 2 weeks for this type of order.)   

QUOTATION NOTE:  Joyce De Shano, CSJ, was a beloved member of our Congregation who passed from this life in 2013.  She was also a facilitator at many gatherings and this expression was one she used to remind us to speak our “truths.”  



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