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Songs that express the longings of the heart, "that all may be one"

Kathy says "The songs express the longings of ALL who are rooted in God's Love with a desire that all may be one."

Twenty (20 selections include such favorites as "Gather the Dreamers" and "Touch the Earth" with 9 new inspiring songs for gatherings, workshops and also personal listening. Dedicated to the 2006 Federation Gathering of he Sisters of St. Joseph.

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We Are One

Gather The Dreamers

Breaking Bread

Because We Love God

Mission Mantra

I Dream A World

Sister and Brother

Give Me A Pure Heart


Circle The City

Song For Joseph

Dance of the Universe

Tapestry of Justice 

May the Christ Light

Touch The Earth

A Language of the Heart

Fire of Love

The Dreamer, The Tree and Me

May the Greatest Love

Holy Fire

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