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Kathy says, "...bits of light & grace... sacred sparks of wisdom and understanding...shining rays of hope and possibility...."

This new album by Kathy Sherman, CSJ, is indeed filled with "Bits of Light & Grace". In her reflections Kathy says, "I came to realize that each step along the way (life's journey) has been scattered with "bits of light and grace"....

Music written and performed by Kathy with instrumental accompaniment by Brian Fife, Bev Nelson, Anna Belle O’Shea, Christine Phillips, David Katz, Jill Kaeding, John Towner, Brian Peters, Mike Petrie, Mike Harrison. Chorus Singers: Brian Fife, Bob Hathersat, Olivia Masini, Claire McCarthy, Jason Moninger Bev Nelson, Christine Pao, Rob Randall, Stephanie Schwarz.



You Are My Beloved

Love's Song

Let Us Walk

All Things Work Together

May We Become The Compassion of God

Wherever Your Treasure Lies

We Are Ready

You Bid Me Come


Have You Ever Thanked the Angels in Your Life

When You Seek Me

Hold Onto Hope

Because You Love Me

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