GALAXIES  by Anne Camozzi

Truly both an “Art” and “Meditation” - this beautifully bound book includes full-color reproductions of sections of Anne’s art.  Many readers will recognize her name and style as seen in recent editions of our annual Calendar. Her intriguing art and heart-felt reflections (on facing pages) are intended as guides to meditation.  Anne suggests to occasionally trace the intricate details of her images with a soft stylus or other instrument. This concentrated activity will help to quiet your mind and allow some free floating - away from cares.  Anne created this book as a resource to help people transcend physical situations – a least for periods of time - as she understands physical suffering having experienced it personally.  Anne's art is hand-painted on silk - an AMAZING method that challenges even the most creative mind. You will agree this is a “healing work of art" and its beauty creates a perfect gift. 

The book "launch" is September 30 at the People's Place Library in Antigonish, CA. 

Back Cover Testimonials tell just part of Anne's story and they are praise indeed. 

 From Trudy Eagan, former executive vice-president, CAO, and member of the board of directors for Sun Media Corporation: “This unique guide uses captivating art and powerful words to reflect emotions and calm the mind. Anne restores your soul in this visually stunning treasure. Time spent with Galaxies will make your heart sing.”

AND from John Graham-Pole, M.D., MRCP-UK – emeritus professor, Pediatric Oncology and Palliative Care, co-founder and co-director, Centre for Arts Medicine at the University of Florida. “Galaxies is a work of transcendent beauty. Visual and written images offer anyone with pain, suffering, chronic or life-changing illnesses, a vision of serenity, grace, even divinity. Every hospice, palliative care unit, and place of care should have a copy. A truly healing work of art.”


 BC -265  Hardcover, gift edition. 30 pgs. 7.25x7/25  $ 24.95

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