Ilia Delio, OSF, presents her cutting edge theology in this recording of her 6-part lecture series. Expounding on the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Ilia explores "Christogenesis" -  the God of the Christogenic Universe and the relationship between Christ and Catholicity. This 6 part lecture series includes the following titles PLUS corresponding power-points. Length of each disc ranges between 60 and 120 min.

  1. Evolution and Christogenesis: A New Paradigm
  2. The Living Universe: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
  3. Christ: The Soul of the Evolving Universe
  4. Cosmogenesis as Christogenesis: Birthing the Christ
  5. Technology and Noogenesis: Convergence of Consciousness
  6. The Living Church: Christifying Love for a New Humanity


MOTA is featuring this enlightening series in collaboration with The Well, our Center's Spirituality Retreat program.




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