Inquiries About Ministry of the Arts . . .

Who Are We?

We are a sponsored ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph and are located in the LaGrange Ministry Center in La Grange Pk. IL. Our beginnings are closely linked to Mary Southard's Earth Calendar back in the mid-70's which we still create and publish. Later, music, cards and sculptures by other sisters were added to a one-page flyer that has now become a full-color catalog. A Call Center, Ministry Offices and Fulfillment Center are all in the Center along with music and art studios. Our circle has expanded now to include other artists, musicians and writers who share our vision of the Arts as a voice for unity, peace, hope and healing in the world.  Read also about our Calendar Prison Ministry  - click that tab on the Home Page


Music Downloads: These download transactions are processed by website technology; our staff is not processing anything here in the Ministry of the Arts offices.  Follow the instructions below to download MP3 files of either singles or full album products. 

  1. Order desired music title or album from our website and then “CHECKOUT.”  Your selection will be in your cart; make a credit card payment and “submit.”  Be sure to enter your EMAIL address correctly as you will receive  a “download link” in an email message sent from the site to your mailbox. The next screen from the site will be your Order Confirmation with this message:   Thanks for Your Order!   Your order number is: ______  We've received your order and will send you an email with links to download your purchased products once payment has been processed.  

  2.  The email you receive will be similar to this but with the title you selected: Example:  The files available for A Language Of The Heart Mp3 single (Language Of The Heart) are listed below.  

  • 02_A_Language_of_the_Heart1.mp3 (4.02 MB)  You can download this file 1 more time before it expires.          Click directly onto the TITLE  in the email

 Music License Inquiry:

Many churches and organizations use Kathy Sherman CSJ music in their programs. Please use the CONTACT US link to request permission. Please also include the way in which you plan to use the song (s) i.e. program, liturgy, etc. along with approximate date of planned use.  There is no fee for non-profit use such as meetings, liturgies, weddings, Jubilees, funerals, ordinations/religious professions, etc.

For commercial and mechanical licenses, copying and for other music uses (other than above) - standard fees used by publishers are required; please inquire.

Art License:

In the spirit of our mission of unity we are able to share some of the art where artists have given us permission. Use the CONTACT US link to send your request.  Please include your contact information with phone # along with a brief explanation of how the material would be used. Upon review and authorization, a permission form and guidelines will be forwarded to your E-mail address or a request for more information will be sent. For some uses there might be a modest licensing fee and that will be communicated as well. Often we ask that you collaborate with us by sharing our catalog with your organization. For commercial uses, please inquire.

Art Submissions:

If you feel your work is in sync with our mission, you may submit samples or photos. Please do not send original art as we cannot return submissions. Do include your contact information including an e-mail address, if available. We cannot commit to publishing your work but we will give it attention and consideration. We often work months in advance of publication. We will send you an e-mail to acknowledge receipt of your submission right away, but cannot commit to if and how it might be used at that point. If an upcoming project seems a match for your work we will contact you. 


Please visit our Gift Services Page.

Questions? Comments?

Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments. Please visit our Contact Us Page to send us your comments or requests.