Inside right: "Keeping you in prayer." Click image for text of entire prayer, "Jesus the Healer" on the left panel.
"Jesus the Healer" Inside left of card features this prayer: "Jesus, in time of weakness, be my strength; in time of desolation, be my consolation; in time of loneliness, be my companion; in time of doubt, be my security; in time of weariness, be my rest. In sickness of mind, body or spirit, be my Healer." (Courtesy of St. Isaac Jogues Church, Hinsdale, IL)

The slim 8.5" x 3.5" size is perfect for including a letter.

Available as a single card or in pkg, of 8 cards.

The image is of a sculpture showing Jesus in a healing, blessing gesture. Artist: Richard Mehren, CSJ (1913-1990)

Sculpture is available. See related products below

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