The perpetual format of our lovely little calendar creates a gift that will support their marriage 365 days a year.  Interactive messages are intended to empower communication, humorous reminders of chores; forgiveness after disagreements; the importance of making space for spiritual growth and so much more.  The format throughout is a "Quote" for each day followed by words of wisdom (and experience). Each page also features space at the bottom to write in family occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, deaths - helpful for remembering everyone year after year. They will never forget a family event or special occasion!  A couple on our staff uses this every morning by conveniently placing it on top of the kitchen microwave for morning reading.  They have found it especially helpful following a disagreement or minor annoyances. 

Size: 4.5 in. x 3 in.  Below are 7 days of message examples:   

Great Spirit, help me never to judge others until I have walked two weeks in their moccasins.”  ( Sioux Indian Saying)   — Although you have been joined in marriage, keep remembering you’re still individuals — with differences. Respect them.

“The one who forgives ends the quarrel.” (African Proverb) — When you’re upset with your mate, try thinking of just one thing that you have loved about them; focus on that and you’ll feel some of the ill-feelings melt away.

“The family that prays together stays together.”   (American Proverb) — Never doubt it.  It is also a discipline to be practiced.

“Christ moves among the pots and pans.”  (Teresa of Avila) — How are the “homey” chores divided?

“Do not be anxious. Give your needs to God in prayer filled with gratitude. God's peace will attend your heart and mind."  (Phil 4:6,7) — Share your concerns, burdens with your spouse. Your support of each other can reduce worry.  You're in this together.  

“I never did a day’s work in my life — it was all fun.” (Thomas Edison) — What are your “play” plans this week?


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