These simple sythetic beads have a wooden appearance wiht a marble-like feeling and are woven together with copper-like threads. Rosary features a crucifix and miniature "Our Lady" within the center. Some of our family members who pray the Rosary often lose them so we searched to find an affordable design for keeping a few extras on hand.  (The most important component is our prayers!)   While we recognize the materials are not real wood or marble, we appreciate the "natural" feel of this design and the value pricing. 

The Rosary is divided into five decades (10 beads ea.) and represents a mystery or event in the life of Jesus.  Order of Rosary (on this design):

Apostles Creed - pray on the Crucifix 
Our Father- at the beginning and on the single beads
Hail Marys - at the beginning on the 3 connected beads 
Glory Be - after the Hail Mary and also on each single bead
Fatima Prayer - recite after each decade 
Mysteries - 1 set of 5 Meditations per day:

    5 Joyful (Mon & Sat)
    5 Sorrowful (Tue & Fri) 
    5 Glorious (Wed & Sun) 
    5 Luminous (Thu) 

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