Series of ten: vivid and fresh watercolor images beautifully illustrate quotations about the world around us. Delightful "little" gifts!
Watercolors by Frances Dutil, CSJ beautifully illustrate reflections and quotations about the world around us. These are lovely “little” gifts. Authors include Tagore, e e cummings, John Muir, Karen Shragg, and two of our own writers, Kathy Sherman, CSJ and Rita Bonneprise, CSJ.

Custom printing of any individual design is possible for these and any of our bookmarks and cards. See "Custom Printing" on the Home Page for more information.

Printed on a very sturdy, coated card stock. All art designs not pictured here. Set of 10 Bookmarks 8” x 2.5”

SAMPLE TEXTS: "Be graceful in the wind. Stand tall after a storm Feel refreshed after it rains. Grow strong without notice. Be prepared for each season. Provide shelter to strangers. Hang tough through a cold spell. Emerge renewed at the first signs of spring. Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky. Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling." ~ Karen I. Shragg

"But even as we glance over the grimy world before us, the sun shines radiantly over the earth, the aspen leaves shimmer in the evening breeze, the coo of the mourning dove and the swelling chorus of the insects fill the land, while down in the hollows the mist deepens the fragrance of the honeysuckle." ~ Thomas Berry (The Dream of Earth)

"We proclaim Your love in the morning light as the sun awakens a new day, and with all of creation we sing Your praise. Your glory surrounds us and fills us with joy. Mountains and meadows, valleys and streams, Earth, wind and fire sing of Your love. Flowers and forests, sun, moon and stars, rocks trees and water sing of Your love." ~ Kathy Sherman, CSJ?

"I am that living and fiery essence of the divine substance that flows in the beauty of the fields, I shine in the water; I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars… I sustain the breath of all living. I breathe in the verdure, and in the flowers, and when the waters flow like living things, it is I." ~ Hildegard of Bingen

"I beheld the countless hosts of the forests hushed and tranquil, towering above one another on the slopes of the hills like a devout audience. The setting sun filled them with amber light, and seemed to say, while they listened, “My peace I give unto you.” ~ John Muir

"If you love it enough anything will talk to you." George Washington Carver"O Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom, O Hidden Light,shining in every creature,O Hidden Love,embracing all in Oneness,May all who feel as one with Thee, Know they are therefore one with every other. ~ Annie Besant

"In winter I can see deeper into the woods. I am thankful for winter eyes." ~ Kathy Sherman, CSJ) "Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold." (William Carlos Williams)

"The ocean of Your Lovegraces my shoreline,lavishing it with gifts and surprises. The simple things of life that nourish, sustain, bring joy;Some gifts come in disguise:suffering, separations, pain and grief. Other gifts surprise: an unexpected smile, the goodness of strangers,unforeseen visits of friends, a rainbow after a rain." (Rita Bonneprise, CSJ)

Ten images and quotes in the Nature Bookmark series.

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