Published just this year, 2016, by Sybil MacBeth, we are encouraged to slow down and become more silent. She has created not only a coloring book but also a resourceful prayer guide with several pages suggesting ways to pray. Slowing down isn’t easy in our culture where stimulation and connections are the norm. Suggested for adults and teens as well.  This is not just another coloring book. It is truly a guide to prayer for anyone who wants to connect with God by creating something visual and concrete.  It includes an introduction to fourteen types of prayer, along with 32 pages to color.  Sybil teaches how to use these types of prayer while you color:  Prayers for Others, Prayers for Yourself, Disgruntled Prayers, Gratitude Prayers, Praise Prayers 

 Softcover; 8.5 x 11 $10.99  



Praise for Praying in Color "Readers of all ages, experience and religions will find this a fresh, invigorating and even exhilarating way to spend time with ones self and the Creator." Publishers Weekly


For yourself or as part of a gift this set of 12 Crayola pencils are ideal for coloring.

PN12 $ 3.50


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