Stories of Oneness Notecards   …based on the original lyrics and artwork from A Language of the Heart, a book

created by children for children and inspired by the music of Kathy Sherman, CSJ.

Proceeds from these sales assist the Afghani Peace Volunteers in their relief efforts and support The “Stories of Oneness” Project.

15 notecards with inspirational quote on inside cover. Inside bottom blank for your personal message.   Copyright 2014


A Language of the Heart was created with the help of Chicago area school children, Afghani youth and musical inspiration of Kathy Sherman, CSJ to bring a message of love and peace to the world.

 The book was produced as part of The “Stories of Oneness” Project and dedicated to Anne Smedinghoff, the young American diplomat who was killed in Afghanistan on April 6, 2013. Anne’s hope was to create unity by helping others recognize our similarities and respect our differences. Likewise, the mission of The “Stories of Oneness” Project is to plant seeds of systemic change by gathering children and teachers from across geographic, social, racial, religious and economic boundaries to build relationship and together create a message of peace, love and unity.


The “Stories of Oneness” Project is a collaborative effort between The Well Spirituality Center and the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools.


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