Walk with Me is the fourth book in the series called the "Stories of Oneness” Project. Based on an original musical composition of the same name by Kathy Sherman, CSJ, Walk with Me was created by a diverse group of young students from several schools in the Chicago Archdiocese working in collaboration with students their age in the Diocese of Nssuka, Nigeria. Together these young people imagine a world where all walk as one!  

It is the belief of our spirituality center, The Well, that helping children expand their circles of inclusion and crafting books from their heartfelt experiences has the power to create systemic change, cultivate mutually enhancing relationships with Earth and all her beings and foster a deeper relationship with God.

Great resource for teachers! Original artwork and teacher activities along with the music are included in this unique volume.

Dimension and details:  11.5 in 8.5 in. 32 pages; heavy-duty; coated stock in a convenient spiral-bound format.  Music CD attached to inside cover. 


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