Music that resounds with challenges,laments and hope! (Click image for more details and to listen.)

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Kathy Sherman's passionate lyrics and music resound throughout this new release with challenges, laments, and hope! She writes: "I believe that each of us, in our own way, is called to be a troubadour for peace... Imagine what could happen if we joined our minds and hearts...our dreams and ideas...our sweat and tears...our hopes and hard work...our creativity and passion for the sake of peace..."

You will hear an engaging mix of musical styles that feature piano, woodwinds, percussion, cello, electric guitar and occasional backup chorus which makes this a beautiful as well as thoughtful work or art.  15 titles include these songs and mantras: Ache; A Language of the Heart; Dance in the New Day; Faces of the Children; Get Those Guns Out of the Hands of our Children; How Long Will It Be; May the Light of Peace; No One Can Stop the River From Flowing; One Small Voice; Stay Awake; Tapestry of Justice; Tell Me When; The Dance of Peace, Salaam, Shalom; You Are In a Holy Place; Walk with Me.

Tucked into the cardboard "Wallet" is a booklet featuring the lyrics of all the titles along with Kathy's reflections about what prompted her to compose them. EXCERPT OF REFLECTION FOR "WALK WITH ME" "In early 2007 there was a terrible escalation of violence in the city of Chicago that claimed the lives of many young people. Tragic stories of children being killed filled the newspaper almost every day. This kind of violence had broken my heart many times before but this time it seemed to pierce deeper.

As with many artists and composers, the content of our writing is influenced and inspired by the happenings in life and our attempt to heighten awareness or address and express its meaning. This song flows from my conviction that the children who are exposed to violence on a regular basis are asking something of usÂ…pleading with us to act on their behalf. Let us walk together on the path toward peace and teach our children to do the same.

How could I make a difference in the lives of the children? The pain penetrated my soul and deep within I heard the voice of Dantrell and the other children. They were singing, 'Tell me when. Tell me when will all the killing end?'  As you listen, open your heart and listen 'Pray for the children in our cities, nation, world. Hear them singing, 'Tell me when.' (KS)

TELL ME WHEN 4:23 "When will all the killing end? When can I ride my bike in the street again; without fear that my laughter will be shattered by sorrow and wondering if ever I will see tomorrow? Tell me when. Tell me when.  When will hatred run away? When will childhood innocence come home to stay telling magical stories complete with happy endings, where futures are likely and not just pretending?" KS

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