“Waiting is a universal experience. We wait for buses and trains, and for red lights to turn green, and for vacation to come. We wait to grow up when we are young, for babies to be born, and for loved ones to be healed. We wait for a tree to grow and flower or bear fruit or give shade. All that waiting, you would think would prepare us to wait in hope for the coming of Jesus once again at Christmas time. But waiting calls for living in the not-yet, for living in the present moment. We are reminded in this week’s scripture passages that “you will not be without any gifts of the Spirit while you are waiting for Jesus Christ to be revealed,”  As we wait, the call is to “Stay awake, because you never know when the time will come.” (Mark 13:33 Sunday) And as you wait, make your waiting active, i.e. trust in God and respond daily with gratitude for the gifts our magnanimous God lavishes upon us.     Maria Hill, CSJ

Thank you to Maria Hill, CSJ for her creative and thoughtful introduction to the Advent Season.  And a thank you for the cover art to Sr. Carol L. Smith, CSJ, a member of the Carondolet Sisters of St. Joseph, Los Angeles.  She was one of the original designers/writers for these Lent and Advent books - projects that were created about 23 years ago by their congregation of sisters; 12 years ago they invited our Congregation to continue the tradition. Current editions writers include both our sisters and associates as well as several of the original writers.  We are so grateful to each and every writer for taking the time to reflect and then to share their thoughts about these beautiful seasons with us. 

Books are available with bulk pricing for groups and organizations that might like to "read together." 



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