The 3rd book in a series of 3 children's books from the "Stories of Oneness Project."  Includes a CD featuring the music of Kathy Sherman, CSJ. Click image to learn more about BOOK 3.   NOTE: all three books can be purchased in this link; but to view their details visit all the individual products.  


A Language of the Heart, the newest children’s book from The Stories of Oneness Project, is the creative collaboration of Chicago area school children, Afghani youth and the music of Kathy Sherman, CSJ. It is dedicated to Anne Smedinghoff, a young American diplomat who was killed in Afghanistan while delivering text books to Afghani children.

The series of three books was developed through the partnership of "The Well" (our spirituality center here in La Grange Park) and the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Catholic Education. 

It is all our hopes that these books and the “story behind the story” will further Sr. Kathy and Anne’s dream of love, peace and unity.

Great resource for teachers! Original artwork and teacher activities along with the music are included in this unique volume.

11.5 in 8.5 in. 40 pages; heavy-duty, coated stock in a convenient spiral-bound format.  Music CD attached. 

Photo shows the children and teachers on the "Art Day" here in the center where the book's artwork was created by the children.  Sr. Kathy is in the top row- 2nd from the right end.

NOTE: all three books can be purchased . To view the details of Books 1 & 2 please visit the individual products.


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