About Ministry of the Arts

Ministry of the Arts is a ministry sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph, IL. We are located in LaGrange Park, IL and came into being a few years after our annual Calendar was first advertised on a one-page flyer in 1986. By 1994 there were cards, music and sculptures published in a "catalog" format, and we began to experience a growing ministry. Our Vision (see Statement below) has been to bring hope and healing to the world through the Arts. We share this vision in the products we create and also through the books, music, gifts and other items we offer that often become resources for our customers in their own ministries and personal use. As a non-profit organization, any profits from sales help to support the mission and ministries of the Congregation of St. Joseph.

Prison Ministry 

“When I was in prison you visited me...” We have discovered that “visiting” can be done in a creative way. In 2009 we began donating a few extra Calendars and cards to prison inmates feeling that our Calendar would be helpful in touching their lives each day as it includes beautiful art, thoughtful quotations and actions/reflections for each day of the year. We were amazed when inmates sent “thank you” letters exclaiming how the Calendar was impacting their lives in a positive way. So, energized with that Hope we began inviting our customers to donate $1.00 (often they give more which is also a blessing!). These donations provide for printing and purchasing Calendars to be sent to inmates. We also request that donors keep the inmates in their prayers. We have named our donors, "Ministry Partners" and their compassion goes much further than they realize. 

Call Center: (800-354-3504) where the staff enjoys taking your calls and helping you with information.  

Joseph's Corner: our gift shop has a knowledgeable staff who are familiar with our products. All catalog products are offered in the shop.   

Vision Statement 

We encourage and affirm creativity in ourselves and all persons. Our mission of unity brings us in our time to a deeper awareness of our communion with God and all creation.

Through the arts we contemplate and express the unity and holiness of all creation, and the heights and depths of the human heart in response to the great mysteries of existence. We affirm the power and prophecy of the arts and believe the arts to be an important ministry for hope and healing in a critical moment of world transformation.