How interesting that this mystic was born on November 8, 1342 and did most of her writing in 1395 - 621 years ago!   Think of all that is happening in our country (USA) at this moment in time.  All sides of our political perspectives can benefit from her message that reminds us not to give up HOPE and that ALL WILL BE WELL.  We must trust in God and in the goodness of one another.     

ALL Will Be Well. ALL WILL BE WELL. All manner of things shall be well. The words of Julian of Norwich sealed onto 5 in x 5 in wooden plaques. One of many in our growubg collection of inspiring messages to encourage and to support.   We call them WOWs (WORDS ON WOOD)   They can be hung or "stand" upright on a desk or shelf. 

Special thanks to Dolly Karasek on our staff, who created this category and also to Tracy who continues to finish them with TLC every week! So, these are indeed “Made in the USA!”

Step 1 is by our favorite carpenter, Mike Bellovich and his staff, Floyd and John who cut the wood to size, sand it smooth and add prefect “keyholes” to the back for hanging.  Our St. Joseph Press prints the art; our staff adheres it to the wood and seals with a protective coat. Browse this growing collection of inspiring gifts within “SMALL GIFTS" on the website. (or simply enter the word WOW in the Search Box. 

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