Ask the animals and they will teach you or ask the birds in the sky, they will tell you ... Job 12:7,8 

Bill Engels has created another series of his Scratch Art creatures with more amazing and delightful designs. When we began discussing the possibility of another edition, he had several almost ready.  But, we gave this challenge: please create an image of a frog on a lily pad. Bill reasoned, “Frogs don’t have hair - how can I do it in “Scratch Art?”  We knew he would find a way, and he did! His frog looks quite at home sitting on a lily pad with flower and all - just like those in our nearby Forest Preserve areas.

We researched the attributes and habitats for both the domestic and wild animals and added their interesting characteristics to the back panels. So there is also an educational value in these animal series. Longer quotes which are not complete on the card fronts are finished on the back panels with author’s name when available.  The quotes on the front are what we have imagined the animals are "telling us."  And, yes, we can learn from them. 

5 x 7 blank-inside note cards are in sets of 12 and “gift-wrapped” in fabric with a "nature" accessory and gift tag to create a ready-made gift collection.

Available as a Collection only. 


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