"Ask the Animals" is a collection of 12 cards (5 x 7 w/ envelopes) which are blank inside making them suitable for Birthday- Thinking Of You- Encouragement - Healing and other occasions.  Information about the unique "Scratch Art" follows below below.  We have bundled the collection to create an "outdoor" feeling to create a unique gift.  The cards were designed and printed here; shrink-wrapped for protection, and then wrapped in a burlap cloth, tied with rope and finished with a real "twig" and gift tag.  We are so grateful to local artist, Bill Engels for sharing his work with us! We adore these animals and hope to create a new series in the future!

Ask the animals and they will teach you or ask the 

birds in the sky, they will tell you ...

... speak to Earth and let her teach you ...
let the fish of the sea declare it to you. Job 12:7,8

Artist Bill Engels (Welcome to MOTA!) was able to photograph some of these smaller animals as he was walking through areas of our local Forest Preserve - he actually surprised the raccoon. His art amazing  method is “Scratch Art" which requires that every single hair, piece of fur or blade of grass, etc. be etched (scratched) out of clay boards using a sharp tool.  In his words, “... a time consuming art form. but I find it both relaxing and challenging.”

Our scans of his work were reproduced to create the cover art for these note cards to which we added messages - words that that the animals might be saying if they spoke our language.  The back panels (example shown) feature information about "Scratch Art" and how the artist created the animals. Included also is a description of the animal's habitat, characteristics, etc. along with two or three things that we humans can learn from the animal.    NOTE: one of the images is a cropped closeup of the Fox for viewing the detail in "Scratch Art." 



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