BABY BLESSING CHILD OF GOD Cards and Prayer cards

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Blessing for a baby, blank inside for your personal note of congratulations. 

Pkg of 8 or single Note card. Also, Pkg 12 Prayer cards



Blessings on you, Child of God,
 Child of the Universe.
 May you be wrapped in care and protected from all harm. 
May all that touches you be tender and kind. 
May stars dazzle your eyes and rainbows delight your heart. 
May affirming words and glances encourage the goodness that is you. 
May you have fun exploring the world and discovering hidden treasures. 
May you learn to recognize the One who is always with you waiting to listen, 
to encourage, to inspire, to Love you. 

Card is blank inside for your personal greeting.

Blessing by Pat Bergen, CSJ.

Art by Fran Gregory, CSJ Associate.

See also framed, self-mat versions which we will personalize (complimentary) with name, date.