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Held in God's Hands. Click to read the blessing, "...May the Light of Christ guide you always..." Option to personalize! (Click on image to read complete blessing.)
Text of Blessing (also appears on front of card): May the God of All Creation who formed you beneath your Mother's heart, smile on you this Holy Day of Baptism. Living Waters baptize you at the Font of New Life and anoint you with the grace of Jesus. May all who watch over you be blessed with Awe as they behold the perfect gift of Love that you are. May the Light of Christ guide you always in the path of Truth as you grow in Wisdom, Grace and Love.

Art adapted from a frieze by Richard Mehren, CSJ. Blessing by Mary Evers.

INSIDE CARD GREETING: "Cherished memories of this day will live forever in the hearts of all who love you. May the Christ-Light shine always in your life."

8" x 10" print in Oak Frame; may be personalized with name and date at NO CHARGE.

Also available as a 5 x 7 card, sold individually or in packs of 8. FREE CARD included with framed blessing.