Perpetual Occasion-Birthday Calendars. Choose from Desk-top or Wall-hanging designs. Reference year-after-year to remember birthdays, jubilees, marriage and any type of anniversary.
Wall: Hang in your kitchen or office to stay mindful of dates and occasions for sending a card or calling with best wishes. Slim-line to fit in narrow spaces. Wire-binding includes a mounting loop. 

Desktop/Book:  Keep on your desk or carry with you.    

Never again a need to transfer from one year's calendar to another. Months have lines for each day's "event" to be fill-in with names/occasions to remember. Each month is beautifully illustrated and features a reflective quotation below the image. All 13 images (cover + 12 months) are among our favorites of Mary Southard's art.

Creative idea: use as a journal --- the journey of each day condensed into one thoughtful line!!

CA-OCC1 Wall Hanging: 5.50" x 14.50" Wire-bound w/ Hanging Loop.
CA-OCC1-BK   Book design  5.75" x 5.75"  Wire-bound

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