Character-building attributes on bookmarks (see posters too!). Delightful images of “Critters” and oversize print make them fun for children to read and learn.

Kindness - Forgiveness-Patience-Courage-Curiosity-Prayer-Friendship-Responsible-Cheerfulness-Hang-in-There

Examples: KINDNESS Think of others first. Do to others as you wish others to do to you. Do one “good deed” each day. (Sometimes in secret.) Be gentle with animals and all living things.

PATIENCE: Wait quietly for your turn. Let others go ahead of you. Breathe deeply, stay calm. Listen when others are speaking. Try not to complain.

11” x 17” size: 2.5” x 8” Bookmarks (Set of 16) $4.75

See 616P for 11 x 17 posters of each attribute.

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