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20 mini-cards tucked into a sturdy carrier w/ a loop tie with reflections on the Gifts and Fruits of Confirmation. An image of The Holy Spirit as a Dove appears on the FRONT with the "Gift" or "Fruit" of the Spirit. BACK of card contains a reflection on the attribute. Read complete texts below, then choose quantity desired.

Clear desktop card-holder, offered below for $1.75, keeps favorite reflections in sight. Thoughtful add-on for gift-giving.

Gifts of the Spirit: Wisdom - Understanding - Right Judgment - Knowledge - Fortitude - Piety - Reverence & Awe.

WISDOM is the gift of knowing what is right and true. Wisdom is said to be the most perfect of all the gifts as it embodies all the others, and enlightens the mind. Jesus expressed his deep wisdom by explaining the principles of holy living through parables.

UNDERSTANDING helps us to grasp the meaning of God's Word--to appreciate and cherish the truths we read, hear and see--to deepen our understanding of "inner" meanings. Understanding encompasses knowledge, discernment, comprehension, interpretation and explanation.

RIGHT JUDGMENT enables us to judge quickly and correctly what should be said or done--especially important in difficult situations. It is a kind of "supernatural common sense." A good friend will offer right judgment or advise when asked or even when they see an occasion that requires it.

KNOWLEDGE helps us to evaluate things at their true worth--especially in relation to God. As we grow in knowledge we will understand more clearly God's plan for our lives. Knowledge increases through reading and prayer. This also requires careful choosing of materials that are read or viewed. Jesus knew and followed God's will all his life.

FORTITUDE gives us firmness of spirit--a steadiness of "will" for doing good in spite of difficulties. It provides the courage to endure when it would be easier to quit. Fortitude also allows us to keep unreasonable fears and anxieties under control which is helpful in achieving goals and dreams.

PIETY or Love inspires us to love and respect others--even those to whom we are not drawn or with whom we have differences. Jesus admonished us to "Love one another as I have loved you..." There is love of family and friends, love for church and community and a unversal, all-inclusive, unconditional, selfless perfect love toward everyone on the planet.

REVERENCE for God fills us with AWE and wonder at the miracles of life and all creation. Reverence is reflected in how we treat others, how we respect them as "children of God" just as ourselves. Respect for God's laws and truths includes the awareness of our responsibility to care for the Earth and all who share this planet with us.

The Fruits of the Spirit include Charity - Joy - Peace - Patience - Kindness - Goodness - Generosity - Gentleness - Faithfulness - Modesty - Self Control - Chastity.

CHARITY or Love respects and embraces everyone including enemies. Love may not always "spring" from the heart; it may require some concentrated will-power. Knowing that our Creator loves us beyond our comprehension helps that same love grow in us. This all-embracing love radiates and expands outward...drawing us into service for others. God is Love.

JOY - Joyful people are a delight to be with--their happiness in life is apparent by the way they speak and behave. Some people seem to "bubble over" with inner joy. Joy is born from Faith in God which dispels doubts and worries--attitudes that can prevent joy from occurring. Joseph Marmion wrote, "Joy is the echo of God's life within us."

PEACE is more than the absence of war. It can be seen in harmonious relationships and within people. We often use words like serene and calm to describe peaceful behavior, but peaceful is not necessariy quiet. It is being content with one's inner self, the spirit within, and having a forgiving attitude. Jesus was the example of this fruit of the Spirit and often said to others, "Peace Be With You."

PATIENCE is often waiting without complaining. It allows one to calmly endure delays or confusion. Patience during difficult times helps one to persevere, to "stay with" a project or task until completion. Sometimes other people "try" or test our patience, so patience asks us to give others time; to reverence their way of speaking or doing things...just as God is patient with us.

KINDNESS is demonstrated when one is tender, considerate and helpful. It is being tolerant and forgiving when wronged or provoked by someone. Kindness can also be demonstrated with daily good deeds for others. Simply said, it is treating others the way God treats us; to imitate the kindness of God.

GOODNESS is about being just and fair. It is more than being kind. Goodness is doing kind things beyond what is "expected" or required; having an open heart and generous spirit. "For your heart is now full of light...because of this light within you, you should do only what is good and right and true." Eph 58-9

GENEROSITY is that quality of being unselfish. Words like abundant and overflowing define generous. The word generous long ago referred to "one of noble birth"--being "free to give." God displays generosity--freely giving, creating a plentiful earth flowing with abundance. Generous people share blessings of abundance with the less fortunate.

The GENTLENESS and meekness of Jesus was often referenced in The Bible. A gentle person is humble and kind, not easily provoked to anger. Jesus demonstrated this behavior at his trial. It is an inner strength that allows one to control responses to people and situations. "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Mt 5:5

FAITHFULNESS - Faithful describes someone who is worthy of trust, one who can be relied upon. We can be faithful to friends and parents and in fulfilling our responsibilities. We can also be faithful to ourselves--being true to our beliefs and values just as God is faithful to us.

MODESTY - To be modest is not to be vain or conceited. Modest people don't have big egos and need a lot of attention. They are not arrogant or presume to always be right. They don't boast or assert themselves or over-value their own opinions above others. They are humble.

SELF-CONTROL - Exercising control over one's "self" demonstrates Self-control--to know when to say yes and when to say no. Temptations to do things that are wrong will always surround us, but the fruit of walking in the Spirit is the control gained over impulses. Self-control becomes a natural by-product of living in the Spirit, living in harmony with God. God lovingly forgives us when we sometimes lose control, and allows us to begin again, even stronger.

CHASTITY - To be chaste is to keep oneself pure in thoughts and acts. The virtue of chastity can be lived out in marital love or in choosing a celibate life. Staying away from lewd books, movies, TV shows and Internet sites will strengthen a commitment to live a pure and chaste life, a life with integrity to self, values and beliefs.


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