Emerging as Light at Solstice  

Inside right greeting:

Let us go deep within our darkness

and gently nurture the new life

that is waiting to emerge as Light for our world.

May Solstice bless you with

Peace, Hope and Happiness - 

BACK PANEL of the card has a reflection about the cover photograph. 

How this amazing “real” photograph came to be: During a trip to Zurich we visited a small town where a waterfall flows right through the center of a mountain. We climbed to the top of a stairwell on the inside wall and on our descent through the dark interior, I took this photo without any natural or artificial light. I continue to be drawn to the light within - to the life which often lies hidden in the darkness. Sr. Judy Cauley, CSJ

Cards are 5" x 7". 

Package of 8 cards $12.95, (Call for bulk pricing of 6+ packages $11.95 each.)

Single card $1.95


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