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Left panel prayer by Kathy Sherman, CSJ: " Teach us to listen and not be afraid; to trust in God's promise. Teach us to love courageously with a heart that is true and just. Teach us to protect one another, and all that belongs to God. Teach us to dream a world where all are neighbors, a vision illumined by God's Light. Teach us to keep the Word of God close to our hearts, to proclaim it in word and action. Teach us to be gentle with our power and strong in our tenderness. Teach us to be for our children, a living lesson of goodness and truth; a blessing of hope for all generations to come.

Right panel greeting: " Thinking of you on this day for remembering Fathers."

Art: Photo of the sculpture, "Joseph & Jesus" by Mary Southard, CSJ.

View actual miniature sculpture within the "Sculpture" category.

Package of 5 Cards $7.95, single card $1.50