Perfect for those occasions when you wish the recipient to select his or her own gift. Click image to view several $ value options.
Gift Cards are the standard "credit card" size, 3-3/8 x 2-1/8 with magnetic strip on the back. Also includes a Pin # and Card # to permit on-line and phone orders as well as for use in our Gift Shop.

Gift Cards are enclosed with a complimentary greeting card of your choice. Let us know if you wish a specific design. (Use Contact Us on the Home Page or or just call.) If no special design is requested, we'll select an appropriate card for the occasion. Your personal greeting can aslo be printed oo the card using a script font. This extra service allows you to have us send Gift Cards with your greeting directly to the recipent. A copy of our current catalog will be included.

Unless additional items are ordered at the same time, there is NO S & H charge for a Gift Card purchase only. 

TO REDEEM AT WEBSITE:  On the last screen of CHECKOUT after your contact and credit information is entered you will see a screen for Gift Card # -- the longest of the two numbers on the back of your pin card --- approximately 19 digits.   

TO REDEEM VIA MAIL or PHONE: enclose your card (or #)  with your order or read the # to our Call Center operator.    

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