I Give you the gift of PEACE in knowing that I am taking care of all things.

5 in. Square Blocks can stand alone on shelves or use hook area on back.

NEW! Thoughtful gifts for remembering special occasions,to encourage, to support! Special thanks to Dolly Karasek on our staff who created this category. She also trained others “how to!” These are indeed MADE IN THE USA! Step 1 is by our favorite carpenter, Mike Bellovich,who cuts the wood to size, sands it smooth and adds a prefect “keyhole” to the back for hanging. St. Joseph Press prints the art and we adhere it to the wood with a protective finish. Voila! Your hand-made gift!

Special thanks also to Sr. Joan Singer, CSJ, for sharing this concept of "Give you the Gift of..."  (See her entire "gifts" in Pocket Notes PN509)

Keep looking for new designs of WOW under “SMALL GIFTS” on the website homepage.

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