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Thoughtful reflections for creating an inner peace. Helpful resource for personal retreats and vacations.
Meditation Pocket Notes with a word/design on the front, thoughtful reflection on back. 16 in all.

Printed on 3.3/8" X 2.3/8" cards tucked into a turdy carrier with a loop bow to create a miniature "gift." 

Optional Clear desktop card-holder, offered below for $1.75, keeps favorite reflections in sight. Thoughtful add-on for gift-giving. PN6017 DESK HOLDER

Read the texts of all 16 reflections, then indicate quantity desired below.

Joy ~ Jubilation bubbles up from happiness deep inside . . . God's Love spilling out into the lives of others. Live life joyfully.

Peace ~ Your outer serenity reflects your inner life . . . God's Kingdom within. Do not be anxious. Be Peace on Earth.

Courage ~ Don't be fearful. God's abiding presence encourages the exploration of new ways of seeing and doing. Communicate truth without fear.

Forgiveness ~ Each day be refreshed through God's gift of forgiveness. Be generous in giving it to others. Experience the joy in unity and reconciliation.

Awareness ~ Live in the present moment with an open heart/open eyes/open mind. Slow down, breathe deeply, often.

Simplicity ~ Practice living an uncluttered life, sorting out what is truly essential. Live in harmony with all creation. Know the most important things are not things.

Trust ~ Your life has a Divine purpose. Trust that your path is unfolding as it should . . . in God's time, not yours.

Miracles ~ Each day embrace the beauty of all creation. Be in awe of all that is and can be. God's power and creative energy . . . running through everything!

Compassion ~ Express feelings for others in thoughtful words and actions. Carry their pain in your heart. Journey through life in harmony with others: all part of One Body.

Love ~ Love is the greatest most enduring power in the universe. By loving unconditionally, you are living in God's Love.

Faith ~ Believe. Know without always seeing. Speak with God often during the day. Leap . . . into the waiting arms of a loving God.

Gratitude ~ Be fulfilled with thanks-giving for blessings and everyone in your life. Recognize that all is gift from a loving God.

Hope ~ Feel, speak and act cheerfully with optimism. Your spirit knows that "all is well." Be open to possibilities. Believe dreams do come true.

Acceptance ~ Know thyself, accept thyself, be thyself. Accept others as they are also; each one as a unique and precious Face of God.

Service ~ God's Spirit energizes you to do for others. "Neighbor helping neighbor": Time... Talents... Listening... Sharing... Giving...

Kindness ~ Be tender with yourself and others. Look for the goodness in all. Be unselfish and generous. Relationship is at the heart of who we are and who we are becoming.

Art by Ingrid Wolf

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