12" x 16" canvas version of Sr. Gertrude's magnificent Rembrandt-like painting, also a 5 x 7 Christmas card.
Visitors to our LaGrange Center at Christmas have long admired this magnificent painting by Sr. Mary Gertrude Delude, CSJ (1888-1993) which is displayed outside our Chapel.  The original (8 ft. x 6 ft.) is truly spectacular and invites few moments of quiet reflection.  We are still amazed that the painting was completed when she was only 23!   

This exquisite art is reproduced (printed right here!) in a smaller canvas print.  Sr. Mary Lou Pleitner,CSJ, one of our "Sister-Photographers" captured the painting perfectly and with the application of digital technology  it is an excellent reproduction.  Our staff  applies a protective coating and a "museum-wrap" to the canvas art creating a ready-to-hang print.   The 12" x 16" size is perfect for wall, mantel or as part of a Nativity Creche; a lovely gift or addition to your Christmas display.   (The canvas is a few inches larger size than noted in the catalog.)


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