Prayer Jar, Children's (Daily Cards Included!)

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For family or classroom! Filled with a year's worth of character-building mini-cards for daily actions! Fun too!!(Later Jar can be used for family prayers.)
Prayer Jar is 19" Circum and filled with 365 Mini Cards. Daily messages suggested by 2 elementary teachers focus on character development. Great for character formation at home or school.

Teacher Suggestion: Have children take turns pulling a card and read each morning. Includes thoughts on making right choices, respect for others, taking care of the earth and other attributes that are part of child development.

SAMPLE CARD: Acts of kindness can change the world. I'll take out the trash tonight without being asked.

SAMPLE CARD: Sometimes it takes courage to do the right thing. When we are afraid of being laughted at, it helps to ask God to help us to be brave and do the right thing.

Parent suggestion: as your child matures, substitute the "Children's" cards with cards from the "Teen" Prayer Jar set, which can be purchased below. Teen cards were written by high school students at Nazareth Academy.

EXAMPLE of card from "Teen" set: Opportunities are often disguised as difficulties. Teen Reflection: "Whether overcoming a sickness or studying very hard for a test in your worst subject, the outcome of the difficulty enables you to reach the next level." Michele

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