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Our newest Pebbles are Build a Bridge, Radiate a Hopeful Spirit, Start Somewhere, Choose Joy and Treasured Moments.  This is a message that our world needs - especially in this time.  

We suggest to keep a  “pebble” in your pocket as a reminder of intentions and prayers. They are perfect "little gifts" for Confirmation - Graduation - Birthday - Jubilee  - RCIA or for Small Group Sharing and Meeting Starters.  I.E. Put them all in a bowl and invite the participants to close their eyes and select one and then use that to share their reflections on the word and what it means in their lives at that moment. 

Prayer Pebbles have a slightly concave center, created from the artist's thumb print in each original clay design. The clay is then baked and sealed with a protective glaze and which creates natural, earth-like stones. Customers in our gift shop spend long minutes sorting through the basket of Pebbles searching for the right message to give or carry. Their smooth finish also creates a soothing "hand-held" experience - similar to a "worry" stone.   Individual pebbles are packaged in a clear, snap-seal bag with a descriptive insert card.   

The Value-priced Gift Set  w/ Complementary Jute Pouch includes all 15 pebbles  for $22.95. 

SMALL GIFT IDEA Up to 6 Pebbles fit perfectly in the small organza pouch also shown; it is a separate product within the options listed Select any 6 pebbles to create  your unique "Set."  Individual Pebbles are $1.95 each.

Each Pebble is approx. 1.25" Diam. Colors vary and designs may not be cast as shown here.  

 Bulk orders of 15 or more of one design may request extra time for delivery!  Please call to check!  We also invite you to make suggestions for new designs. 

Sorry, but specific colors by design are not an option; pebbles will vary by color as they are cast in groups.  

For additional pebbles click on codes below:

Always in Our Hearts   PP-54

Begin Again     PP-56

Compassion     PP-50

Courage   PP-3

Thy Will Be Done    PP-52

Patience      PP-29

Hope    PP-19

Love One Another   PP-53


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