Prison Ministry

"I was in prison and you visited me.”  — Matthew 25:36
Become a Prison Ministry Partner

Prison MinistryAs many of you know, a few years ago we began donating copies of our annual Calendar to prison inmates. We  continue to be deeply touched by the responses from inmates, chaplains and others who see the value of this project. (Examples below.)  Because the Calendar is published annually, the inmates quite naturally have begun requesting the "next" edition.  In order to fulfill their needs we need to create partnerships with our regular customers. In the spirit of collaboration, we have designated "Prison Ministry Partners"  who have joined us in supporting this outreach to both women and men inmates with two actions: 1.Donate any comfortable amount to help offset the printing and shipping costs. 2. Keep the inmates, their families and any possible victim’s families in your prayers.  

The costs to ship calendars to the prisons is actually the greatest expense for the project, so we are also seeking corporate donors to help fund this portion of the project also.  We ask for your participation and prayers that together we can continue to bring a little beauty and inspiration into the lives of inmates every day of each year.  


Inmate Testimonials:  Excerpts from letter that continue to inspire us:

It's words of inspiration help me through difficult days... know that inspiring words can change individuals because I am one of them... —David F.

...I have learned to be grateful for the most basic of items and this calendar with its inspirational quotes and beautiful art is most appreciated... due to my incarceration I have become homeless, lost possessions, dignity and I must admit a little hope. But practicing gratitude will give me strength to persevere. I leave here in a month to try to start over and I will remember to thank God every morning for the blessings I do have. (Jennifer)

I am a prisoner serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole. I have been in prison since 1991.... I had a cell mate a few months ago who had a calendar from you... with some beautiful art work and quotes on it. I liked it so much!  Gratefully (E.O. Soledad, Ca.) 

We would like to extend to you our thanks for the beautiful calendars we received a short time ago. The spiritual reflections in them are wonderful and provide us with much needed daily refreshment. They are not only helpful and informative, but also are lovely works of art. Thank you so much for thinking of us so consistently. We are grateful. God Bless You  Always!  Your loving gift of our beautiful calendars reminds us each day to celebrate life, no matter where we find ourselves.  (Federal Prison Danbury CT) 

Chaplain Testimonials: 

“... “I am an outpatient  Addiction Counselor at York Correctional. I have been using the calendars’ inspirational writings to conduct some groups in conjunction with the curriculum. The ideas and concepts that are in them have helped me bring a different approach to our groups as they help and inspire everyone to dig deeper.”   –  Maria Rodriguez, CSAC

“... how encouraged he was for the daily messages he would read for strength. He felt hopeless and discouraged for being so selfish and getting into criminal behavior. Now the messages lifted his spirit and his outlook was not so bleak. Rev./Chaplain Henrietta Pua Hashimoto, MCCC volunteer

 The colorful and beautiful art designs and meaningful quotes inspire the women at York Correctional. The women use the calendars to bring life and adorn their solemn cells; the daily wisdom to enhance their lives.  Because of the positive impact the calendars have and the joy they bring, we run out of calendars very year.  The demands of the calendars are overwhelming. Rev. Burnette Mdiv., MEd. 

Other Voices:  Dear Friends, Our religious congregation shares the values which motivate your mission. We know how great the needs are, and we offer our gratitude for your work in this tangible way. Be assured also of our prayers on your behalf. We wish you God's blessings as you continue your good efforts. (Sisters of Charity)