Cover texts are excerpts from lyrics of a few favorite songs by Kathy Sherman, CSJ. Some of these songs are being sung in the  "Circle of Song" concerts performed here in the La Grange Center. Her words are thoughts to live by that remind us of our loving God who is always with us - calling us to be voices and hands for God's Presence on Earth.  Back panels of cards feature the link to Kathy's on-line MP3 music file for sample listening to these songs.  These cards were originally produced in 1997 and on this 10th anniversary we are sharing them with you in a new way.  Special thanks to the artist, Ingrid Wolf. 

Front quotes:

- This day is my daily bread. Take it, bless it, break it, give it to all I meet this day

- May Love Hold You

- Ever with you, close beside you in the daylight, in the darkness, at each moment of each day I am in you. I am Love. I am God

- We are threads of all the colors, gifted and free, creating for earth a tapestry of justice

- Have you ever thanked the Angels in your life

- Be my eyes and see the world as I do. Be my hands and bring the world to my healing

- Gather the dreamers, a new day is dawning, now is the time to give birth to the dream

- Thank you, God for another day of living - a chance to work and love and sing.

-Touch the Earth with gentleness. Touch the Earth with love.

-You are mine. I have called you by name.


We like these 6.26 X 4.65 inch sized cards  - just slightly smaller than the standard 5 x 7.  They are blank inside and suitable for many occasions or for simply keeping in touch.  

 Package of 10 Cards $12.95

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