WINNER 2013 Gabriel Award AND the 2013 Gold Aurora Award for achieving a high standard of excellence in the film industry!  The incredible story of six orders of Catholic Sisters who remained in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild their high schools, child development centers and senior nursing homes. A powerful testament to the spirit of women religious and their commitment to the service of others! 
When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, six Catholic orders of Sisters with long histories in the city lost more than convents, chapels and motherhouses. They also lost ministries - some that had served the families of New Orleans for hundreds of years.  These included high schools, child development centers, community centers and senior nursing homes. 

Faced with destruction, neighborhood abandonment, urban collaspe and inadequate funding, the Sisters faced a soul-size dilemma: to remain and rebuild - or to walk away. They chose to stay. Mindful of the legacies in the city of New Orleans and the massive human needs surrounding them, this was their decision.  And with loving support from both friends and strangers - they still continue their service in the city they love.   

 This DVD preserves their story and that of the people they served during this tragic period for America.  Filmed on location in New Orleans six years after the hurricane, the program chronicles the rebuilding and recovery efforts of these Sisters: 

Sisters of he Holy Family (SSF)
Marianites of Holy Cross (MSC)
Congregation of St. Joseph (CSJ)
Society of St. Teresa of Jesus (STJ)
Ursuline Sisters (OSU) 
Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (O.Carm)

The documentary aired on TV stations in the fall of 2012.  Now that program is available for personal viewing on this DVD.  It is a powerful testament to the spirit of women religious, committed now as always to the service of others.    DVD Running time 57 minutes.  

This program was made possible by the Assembly of Catholic Foundations and other Catholic foundations and donors. Copyright SC Ministry Foundation, all rights reserved.  P
roduced by NewGroup Media in South Bend, IN.  Ministry of the Arts and St. Joseph Press are honored to assist with our printing and fulfillment services  - to help make this historic project available for personal libraries. 

GABRIEL AWARD:  The Gabriel® Awards are presented annually to film, television and radio programs and a distinguished individual whose body of work nourishes and uplifts the human spirit. The competition is to all radio and television stations and producers in the United States and Canada.  The 2013 awards will be presented June 20 at the 2013 Catholic Media Conference in Denver, Colo.

 PastGabriel® Award television winners include: ER, the Today Show and ABC News, Dateline, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Odyssey Networks (formerly Faith and Values Media) and Hallmark Channel, among others.

PRICE NOTE:  The original published price of $16.00 has been reduced with the intention of making this inspiring story affordable for more viewers.   Thank you for your support of this project!

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