Spirit of the Living God, 
bless the work of our hands - 
our minds - our hearts. 
May the work offered 
be a reflection of all 
that is good within us. 
In planning-creating-doing - 
grant us the courage 
to patiently listen for the 
stirring of your presence.
Grace us with joyful moments 
in the midst of daily routine. 
Enliven our spirits with humor. 
Fill us with reverence for one another
and gratitude for our diversity. 
Nourish our spirits 
with the awareness 
that work is holy. 
May unity, beauty and truth 
be the fruit of our labor.


Greeting card option for our featured Prayer Card - shown back panel "open view" and closed. 

It is blank inside (w/an envelope) and is a meaningful message for organizations and busineses to use when giving members or employes a gift card or other enclosure. 

Available as singles, $1.95 or pkg of 8, $12.95 cards. Also prayer cards pkg of 12, $4.95

Art adapted from a painting by Mary Southard, CSJ

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