Healing Waters 2

Healing Waters 2

Mary Southard

Mary Southard, a Sister of St. Joseph, is an artist whose Paintings reflect her close connection to and love for the Natural World and what it is to be a participant in this magnificent Universe. Her paintings and sculptures explore and give expression to our soul journey within this intimate, interconnected Sacred Community of life, with all its beauty and pain, its passion and mystery. 

Through a yearly Art/Reflection Calendar, which she began in 1979 until the present, Mary’s work brings into consciousness the Oneness of All Creation, and of the importance of all our actions and choices affecting the health or diminishment of Earth, our common home. She was co-founder of the Ecological Spirituality Center in the 1980’s (now The Well) in La Grange Pk. IL, and was Co-Founder of Spiritearth with John Surette SJ in 1990.

Her experience as educator, retreat director, and group facilitator has taken her to places here in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, where her delight is to be with others as they awaken to our Cosmic Story of the Origin and Nature of the Universe, and the power of their own creativity as participants within it. She lives and has her studio in La Grange Park, Illinois. Visit her website: www.marysouthardart.org

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