"Prayer To Joseph" text is on the inside left panel of the "woodcut" art card by Sr. Richard Mehren, CSJ.  Click on image to read this beautiful prayer.

I recognize you, Joseph,

discreetly present on my pilgrim road,

by your gently attentive face,

by your openly available heart,

and by your ever-ready hand.


I need you, Joseph, there where I meet

my loves, my doubts, my hesitations,

because you have known all these

as you followed Mary’s mysterious adventure.

Take my hand and lead me

when night and darkness make my steps uncertain.


You sought and found your son, Jesus;

Tell me where he is when trials and suffering

become my daily bread.

Tell me where he is when I stop looking,

because  I’m settled in with ease and comfort.

Tell me where he is when hope revives my courage

     and invites me to move ahead briskly.

Tell me where he is when others come close to me

     seeking comfort, friendship, joy.


Joseph, you walked through

sunshine and through shadows.

Teach me to meet Jesus

in the “everydayness” of my life.


We are so grateful to Sr. Rosie Couglin, CSJ, who shared this beautiful prayer!  She tells it that it has been a blessing to her and we hope it will bless you as well.

The prayer is on the left panel of the note card leaving the inside right panel blank for your personal greeting - perfect for special occasions and even birthdays!

Woodcut art by Sr. Richard Mehren, CSJ, whose numerous wood sculptures enrich our La Grange Park Center.



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